TNT COMMUNICATIONS SDN BHD is a Malaysia local company and was established in 1996 as a turnkey system Integrator. Today the company offers more than PC based products, it also has full capacity to integrate total network server computer system with CCTV security solution, Which commit to small medium and enterprise sized of the company. Our company has helped over 400 SME (small & medium-sized enterprises), corporate over the year and our revenue has grown out over RM 20 million since 1996.

In order to effectively meet customer’s need. TNT COMMUNICATIONS SDN BHD has established three major divisions:


Professional Services

• Computer and Server System Integration. (Technology Accessing/Network infrastructure)
• CCTV Super Scale Digital Video Server Design and Project Deployment and Implementation.

Managed Data Security Communications Center 
• Information Security.(Offsite Data Backup)
• Security Portal Service/Off Site Recording server

Contractual Technical Service at Site / Consultation
• Human Resource Provided. (Outsourcing Service Provider)
• Personal Technical services on demand
• Technology advice/ Network and Optimizer

Each of this Division Provides excellent technical support, marketing, as well as after sales service by using the TNT Approach.


TNT Approach

Methodology for Better Result and lower Cost !

TNT COMMUNICATIONS SDN BHD understands that the ability to deliver innovative automation solution depends not just on having the right product, but also on having the right platform and outstanding product support. We utilize PC-Base solutions as the foundation for our system automation design. PC architecture provides a flexible and cost-effective means of addressing even the most complex automation and data exchange challenges. With Lower Entry Price of Investment !!

Key Principles Behind – ” Peace of Mind “

Over a decade of experience in system integration and technical support, the company has acquirer his unique solution and services that make us more competitive in our own industrial segments of online Help Desk Support , In such.. created a strong commitment and trust by the products principles and manufacture supplier.

These commitment and trust has driven the company into a more logical, focus and responsive stage in businesses, We take it as the Key Principles Behind to provide our client ” Peace of Mind “.

Investor Facts

Company Info

Year Established                                      

Nature Of Business                                

Authorised Capital                                  

Paid Up Capital

Annual Turnover

Board Of Directors 


Corporate Mission

Utilizes our 20 yeas corporate experience to help SME companies to computerize business system so they become more productive and secure with "simple deployment, practical result".

Corporate Vision

We seek to become a company that integrates the best information communication Technology towards human interaction for day to day business activity.

Corporate Performance
Since 1996 revenue has out grown at an average rate of 20% from RM 2.8 million to RM3.3 million in the year 1997. With our initial paid-up capital of RM 100,000.00. During this time our number of employees has doubled. The second mark point was in year 2000,with additional work force and paid up capital injection , the company revenue has reached 5.4 million with such a healthy slow and steady grown. We are approaching 7.2 million in year 2007. In 2014, Company revenue is projected to exceed RM 10 million.and today We are aiming at a higher goal of 20 million mark by 2016

Corporate Value

Respect for Individuals
Seek employee’s satisfaction as a fundamental objective. Create an open stage where employees are able to demonstrate their talents and ability. Maintain open communication lines, trust and respect for individuals.

Deal with customers, distributors and fellow workers honestly and politely. Concentrate resources within the information technology industry and seek stable growth. Emphasize quality in very endeavor.

Innovative Excellence 
In a relentless pursuit of excellence, employ strategies which allow corporations to respond to the external environment. Work toward the goals of product enhancement and customer satisfaction. Utilize innovative technology to advance the information era and improve quality of life.


Sell & Repair all range of Servers, PC's, Mobile Devices & Storages

Complete Network Infrastructure, Wireless Solutions

IT Outsourcing & Maintenance Services ( Nationwide ) 

Antivirus, Firewall & Clouds Solutions
Softwares, Printers & Digital Peripherals

VOIP Tele-Presence & Collaboration
IP CCTV Security & Surveillance Solutions

RM 4,000,000.00

RM 2,000,000.00

RM 20,000,000.00

Mr.Eugene Woo

Ms. Penny Leoh

Public Bank Berhad

Address: Jalan USJ 10/1f, Usj 10, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Phone:+60 3-5631 0776

Account No: 3157491904